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    Swift-Gallery Collections - ActiveDen



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    Swift-Gallery Collections - ActiveDen

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

    NY-SWIFT Gallery:
    is a fully XML driven Galleries and assets Collection by which you
    could create versatile types of websites, with little knowledge in
    Flash. What you need to do is change some parameters (mentioned in the
    help file) and you are done with your website.

    This Creative Portfolio Gallery consists of the following features:

    HTML Texts: All texts can be formatted using HTML tags so you can
    easily change the style, alignment, color, size, hyperlink, etc. Texts
    are coming from XML files so it you can change and update your content
    with ease.

    • News Section: The News section is fully XML driven,
    using which you can archive as many news & events as you wish with
    their respective image thumbnails. News section has been categorized
    for your archiving convenience; you can increase as many categories as
    you wish (steps mentioned in help file).

    • Carousel Menu: Full
    XML driven Carousel menu, you can load jpg, giff or PNG image in the
    carouse menu. You can increase or decrease the number of carousel item
    by simply changing its XML file, each item has their pop-ups where the
    menu can be displayed in details the content in the pop-ups are fully
    xml driven, having HTML formatted texts, image thumbnail and easy
    scroll links.

    • Horizontal portfolio: Full XML driven Horizontal
    portfolio to showcase your portfolio or any thing. This Horizontal
    portfolio loads external jpg, gif, PNG or Swf file with their
    respective description and URL redirection. You can easily customize
    the graphic to match you requirements.

    • Multi Category FLV
    -Gallery: This is a nice way to showcase your FLV files, the entire
    gallery is XML driven and you could have the available video in a
    scroll menu with their respective thumbnails, each video have their own
    description which comes out by clicking the i (info) button, and each
    video has URL redirection Feature.

    You can increase the number of video categories very easily (steps mentioned in the help file)

    • Multi Photo gallery:

    This is a XML driven Multi category Photo Gallery, with a nice ease left & right scroll effect. Features:

    • Photos are dynamically loaded jpg’s just replace them with yours.

    You can easily increase of decrease number of images by adding images
    and altering few lines of script easily. Process described in the
    “help” file.

    • Texts are coming from external XML so you can easily replace it or add more lines if required per image.

    • Adding category is very easy, process described in the “help” file.

    • This package contains a nice movie clip Preloader that loads each movie clip separately.

    You don’t have to create the images for the thumbnails or its
    reflection it would be automatically created from the image of the
    image folder.

    • You can restrict the zone for left & right scroll effect or you may have no restriction that is kept default.

    • A nice ease and smooth left & right image scroll.

    • Rolling over the image at the bottom shows its description in a sliding manner (XML based)

    • Moreover you have a nice transition effect while loading photos which you can turn on or off.

    - This is one of my popular file and is available at:

    • PHP driven contact form:

    The Contact form is in a Movie-Clip so just drag & drop it into your project & keep the PHP file in proper path.

    description text is coming from XML and the image is externally loading
    jpg. To configure the PHP mailer with your e-mail id you just need to
    open the PHP mailer file and change the mail id to yours, where all
    mails would be redirected.

    -This is one of my popular file and is available at:

    Browser Control: This creative portfolio website would fit any
    resolution; all the contents would fit in accordingly. This creative
    portfolio website has a top bar which always remains at top and a
    bottom bar which fits at the bottom.

    • Full-browser
    image/texture Background: you can fit high resolution image or texture
    background in this creative portfolio, you can also load external swf
    file as a background as well.

    • External MP3 file: You can easily load your own background music by replacing the older audio in the “sound” folder.

    • Free fonts used in this creative portfolio are included.

    • Customized Right Click items.

    have it a go on this Full XML driven Creative Website template and
    customize it accordingly to create different types of Creative Website.

    Download: ad-sgc_wch.rar.html

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