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    Universal Full Template With Shop CMS and 2 Skins - Site Templates - ActiveDen Updated



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    Universal Full Template With Shop CMS and 2 Skins - Site Templates - ActiveDen Updated

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    Hello everyone and welcome to another truly amazing full website template by Oxylus Flash.

    start off by clearly stating that this is one of the most flexible,
    feature rich, complex and (funny enough) easy to use and implement
    flash template you can buy today !

    This template has 677 unique
    XML settings, comes with 14 (that’s right, fourteen) amazing modules
    including full e-commerce capability (shop) and blog with comments,
    it’s bundled with two quite differently styled skins and most
    importantly you receive our amazing full Content Management System (CMS
    – aka Admin Panel) so managing your content will be a breeze !

    CMS has been updated with great new features like a very easy to use
    installer (hence a very quick and simple set up), an advanced image
    cropper so you don’t have to edit your images before uploading, user
    management (permissions – ability to have sub-admins with limited
    privileges) and many more.

    Our CMS will also generate a HTML
    clone of your site for Search Engines (SEO) and in conjunction with the
    flash templates full deep-linking support your clients will find you
    and be able to access the deep pages straight away ! We will soon
    update our CMS so that a mobile html version is also generated for
    iPhone iPad and other such devices.

    We’ve included both a XML driven version and the Admin version of the template so it’s up to you which one you’d like to use.

    you can imagine since there are simply so many settings you can change
    we can’t go through all of them, however we can tell you it’s probably
    the most flexible templates around, you can change pretty much
    everything from module dimensions and spacing to animations.

    Pretty much all the text fields are html formatted and support all the common special characters (german, french, spanish etc.).

    previews for this template don’t do it justice because there are simply
    so many extra features we can’t demonstrate, like the fact that you can
    use images and video as background with playlist/slideshow. That means
    you’ll have a nice surprise once you purchase it and see how powerful
    it really is.

    You also get 83 pages of help split in sections so
    hopefully everything is covered from the admin installation to all the
    different settings and features you can use.


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