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    Naruto Shippuuden



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    Naruto Shippuuden

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

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    Subtitle: English
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts,
    Shounen, Super Power

    The second incarnation of the very popular
    NARUTO anime. This anime will feature Part II of the manga storyline
    which takes place two years after the events at the end of the Sasuke
    Retrieval arc (Episodes 107–135).

    The story revolves mainly
    around Naruto Uzumaki`s and Sakura Haruno`s new adventures and their
    search for Sasuke Uchiha after he left Konoha-gakure (Leaf Village) to
    gain Orochimaru`s power. The plot also shows a more active Akatsuki in
    their quest for obtaining all the tailed beasts.

    After his failed
    attempt to retrieve Sasuke, Naruto learns that circumstances have
    granted him slightly less than three years to prepare for a
    confrontation with Orochimaru, who has to wait that much time before he
    can transfer into Sasuke`s body. Naruto also must prepare for his
    eventual confrontation with Akatsuki, who are after the demon sealed
    within him. To prepare, Naruto leaves the village and undergoes
    intensive training under Jiraiya. At the same time, Sakura becomes
    Tsunade`s apprentice, and Sasuke trains under Orochimaru. Thus, all
    three members of the original Team 7 are now training under one of the
    Legendary Sannin.


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