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    ActiveDen - Rubber Menu AS2 - -Retail



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    ActiveDen - Rubber Menu AS2 - -Retail

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

    ActiveDen - Rubber Menu AS2

    Rubber Menu AS2
    Menu component with elastic lines between draggable buttons.

    File Features:

    * Menu buttons can be set to be draggable or not.
    * Menu buttons with mouse over and currently active menu item will stay put on the spot.
    * You can set the curviness and size of the elastic lines
    * You can set a bevel filter for the elastic lines
    * Duration of falling down and moving sideways can be customized
    * Button up/down and sidewards swing distance and speed can be customized
    * You can optionally set a fixed spot for menu items to move to when clicked
    * Shadows can be set at a fixed point or at a certain distance from the menu items
    * Predefined script offering automated fullscreen repositioning if needed.
    * Menu item keyframe motion tween makes customization easier.


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