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    the 2nd place go to the new lyrics One-21 Tour Lyrics



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    the 2nd place go to the new lyrics One-21 Tour Lyrics

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF في الجمعة 16 أكتوبر - 21:04

    Tour lyrics

    (this may not be what you expect)
    Tour can be very unpredictable
    Especially when you don't have any money
    1997 was our first big trip
    We didn't get too far before we ruined Tom's car

    Can't seem to get a break down on the interstate
    3 day van may have been a mistake
    Picking up Paul in the U-Haul
    Danadar let me out it's hot back here

    well this may not be what we expected
    But soon all our problems will be corrected
    Some how everything seems to turnout find
    (and we know who to thank every time)

    One highlight was playing the underground stage
    But Pauls not even making minimum wage
    Now all of our shows are falling through
    So we got nothing to do
    And three pirates too
    Gimme a coke with 6 straws
    Who's got 10 bucks to feed us all?
    There's not much to eat
    Looks like Tom Manns is cheap
    I'd like to pay for my friends
    But there's nothing to spend
    (Nothing to spend)
    Tom cant pass the teacher test
    And the old van plays cassettes too fast (kenny)
    I'm sick of work
    Let's try and go full time
    Invade the united states with the deal and the saints!
    DId you bring your toothbrush?
    No you didn't did you

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