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    ||¤ ¤|| Welcome to Collinwood كوميديا رائعة على MBC 2||¤ ¤||



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    تاريخ التسجيل : 08/04/2009
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    ||¤ ¤|| Welcome to Collinwood كوميديا رائعة على MBC 2||¤ ¤||

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF في الأحد 22 نوفمبر - 12:19

    أقدم لكم اليوم تقرير شامل وكامل عن فيلم لأسبوع على قناة MBC 2
    إن شاء لله يعجبكم

    معلومات عن الفيلم
    أسم الفيلم :Welcome to Collinwood
    تاريخ لأنتاج :2002
    أسم المخرج : Anthony Russo
    أسم الكاتب :Joe Russo
    نوع الفيلم : كوميدي
    مدة الفيلم : 85 دقيقة
    لغة لأساسية : لأنكليزي
    مكان التصوير : أميركا \\ إلمانيا
    شركة المنتجة :Gaylord Films
    اليوم : الخميس 26 نوفمبر
    الساعة : 19:00 KSA

    إبطال الفيلم
    William H. Macy

    Isaiah Washington

    Sam Rockwell

    Michael Jeter

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    Golden Trailer Awards
    Golden Trailer
    Best Voice Over

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    فى فيلم " ويلكم تو كولين وود " : الفيلم بوليسي عن قصة خمسة رجال طائشين ينظمون عملية سطو قد تكون الأكبر من نوعها في العالم، ولكن بشرط أن يدرك كل منهم ما هي مهمته الخاصة في العملية.

    This movie was recommended to me by a friend. I never saw an ad or a trailer, so I didn't know Clooney was in it and was not bothered by the fact that his role was so small. I thought the whole cast was suitable, and found the film pretty enjoyable, all in all. The opening scene, with the small crew of bandits standing at the side of the road, looking whipped and haggard, caught my attention immediately. It had a way of telling you, "don't go away; this won't be boring", and it really wasn't. It turned out to be an interesting, light-hearted comedy with enough twists and turns to keep you in your seat to the very end, but when the ending did arrive, I felt a little bit cheated....just a little bit. The events kept building up so that you expect them to continue building, but at a point that I can't define, it sort of levels out, making the ending a slight disappointment. I reckon I expected a bigger bang of a climax, but it turned out sort of low-key. If you watch the movie with that in mind and you can live without high dosages of George Clooney, you should find this flick very entertaining and well worth watching. Now I'd like to see the original (Big Deal on Madonna Street), but it's probably a rare find in the United States.

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