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    Aesthetic canon, when drawing/modeling etc. a human figure, a rule for its proportions.
    Cannons (house), a stately home in Edgeware, Middlesex now known by its modern spelling, Canons
    Canon as a number of art masterpieces:
    Chinese classics or Chinese canonical texts
    Film canon, the limited number of masterpieces by which all other films are judged
    Western canon, the books, music, and art that have been the most influential in shaping Western culture
    Canon (fiction), material that is considered to be "genuine", "something that actually happened", or can be directly referenced as material produced by the original author or creator.
    Canon (music), a contrapuntal composition which employs a melody with one or more imitations
    Pachelbel's Canon

    Canon (priest)
    Canon law:

    Canon law (Catholic Church)
    Penitential canons
    Canon (hymnography), a type of Eastern Orthodox hymn
    Religious canons:

    Biblical canon
    Taoist canon or Daozang
    Pāli Canon
    Chinese Buddhist canon
    Tibetan Buddhist canon
    Canon of the Mass, the Eucharistic Prayer of the Roman Rite

    Canon (priest), a Christian priest who belongs to one of certain chapters

    Canon is the name of:

    Canon (manga), a shōjo manga by Chika Shiomi
    Canon (game), an online Browser-based strategy war game
    The Canon of Medicine, a medical text written by Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
    Canon of Eclipses, a compilation eclipses by Theodor Ritter von Oppolzer

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