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    the frog



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    the frog

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF في السبت 6 مارس - 8:48

    Frog movies - Tobu shedding + Rhubarb jumping about
    click here

    **Or to see (low quality) animated gif version
    Click here

    Frog haven found in Sri Lanka - More than 100 new frog species have been discovered in the Sri Lankan rainforest. [bbc news]

    Frogs are one of the most fascinating species on this planet. They come in many shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. Each frog species has different behaviours, living environments, feeding habits and defenses.
    What is a frog?
    Frogs and toads are amphibians. Amphibian means 'dual-life'. This refers to the 2 stages most frogs go through, firstly as aquatic tadpoles then metamorphosing in to air breathing land animals. Other amphibians include salamanders and newts.
    Frogs and toads belong to the amphibian order 'Anura'. This means 'without tail'. All frogs have no tail apart from the tailed frog which does have a very small apendage that it retains throughout life. With frogs there always is en exception to the rule.
    There are over 4000 species in the order anura, but nobody knows exactly how many different frogs and toads there are. New species are being discovered at over 12 a year. It seems that this rate will carry on as long as the frogs natural habitats aren't destroyed.

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