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    Cabin Crew Training



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    Cabin Crew Training

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    This is the first Cabin Crew training course in Hong Kong with practical simulations of the Airline environment and with a certificate in First Aid and Basic Life Support issued by a certified medical instructor.

    By attending this course you will get a unique competitive advantage versus the other candidates. Thus your chances to be selected will increase dramatically.

    In these Cabin Crew training courses you will:

    * Learn the required knowledge in the same environment of an Airline
    * Get the practical knowledge that many of the candidates miss
    * Train with real Airline Pilots and Airline Purser Cabin Crews that live the reality every day
    * Train in a simulated Airplane environment where you can better learn how to improve your skills
    * Get a certificate of attendance in First Aid and Basic Life Support. An advantage in many professions
    * Get a taste of what is like flying a real airplane with the use of our simulator

    The objective of this training is to:

    * become aware of the cabin crew profession, its origins and current practice
    * describe the aircraft types and cabin crew functions
    * learn how to manage passenger interactions in a variety of circumstances
    * know about different types of emergency and safety procedures
    * learn how to present yourself and how to score at the airline interview
    * learn your duties and try them out in a simulated environment

    The complete course is split in two separate modules:

    * Airline Cabin Crew Foundation Course
    * Airline Cabin Crew Advanced Course (practical)

    Airline Cabin Crew Foundation Course

    This first part of our Cabin Crew training is aimed to give the students all the basic theoretical knowledge needed to start a cabin crew career with one of the international or local airlines in Hong Kong.

    This Foundation Course consists of

    * 5 Classroom Sessions
    * 1 Simulator Session
    * 1 Basic First Aid Training

    Topics covered are:

    * Aviation History and aviation background information
    * Important Knowledge about aviation
    * Flight Attendant Career
    * Job Duties, In-flight service, In-flight routine Passenger Announcements (PA) and Cockpit Communication
    * Safety, Dangerous Goods, fire-fighting Emergency Handling, Passenger Handling
    * Grooming, Hair Styling, Make Up
    * Airline Job Interview Application
    * Airline Job Interview preparation
    * Basic First Aid (by a certified First Aid Instructor)

    The cost for the Airline Cabin Crew Foundation Course is 2,250 HKD.
    Airline Cabin Crew Advanced Course

    This second part is a unique opportunity to experiment first hand the topics you have studied in the theory course. This is a unique course in Hong Kong offered for the first time, with the possibility to handle real flight materials and to follow real Flight Crew procedures

    This Advanced Course consists of

    * 5 Practical Sessions
    * 1 Basic Life Support Training

    Topics covered are:

    * Grooming, Hair Styling and Make up for the career (practical Session)
    * In-flight Service (practical session in a airplane simulated environment)
    * Passenger Announcement and Cockpit Comms (practical in a simulated environment)
    * In-Flight Routine and Passenger Handling (practical session)
    * Safety and Emergency Handling (practical session)
    * Interview Simulation (we will simulate a real interview in a local airline, giving you the best suggestions on how to pass it)
    * Basic Life Support Training (You will receive a BLS and First Aid certificate of attendance released by a Life Support Medical Instructor)

    The cost for the Airline Cabin Crew Advanced Course is 2,950 HKD.

    For the practical sessions in the advanced course you will receive a flight attendant uniform.

    All the practical sessions are in a simulated environment with food, airplane trolleys, passenger announcement systems, simulated cockpit.

    All the pilots involved in the simulation are real airline pilots, your instructor has served as a cabin crew purser for many years in local airlines.

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