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    PHP and MySQL by Example



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    PHP and MySQL by Example

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    PHP and MySQL by Example

    PHP and MySQL by Example
    Prentice Hall
    (12-2006) | PDF | 912 pages | 0131875086 | 20.7Mb

    PHP and
    MySQL by Example /by Ellie Quigley (Author), Marko Gargenta (Author)
    .Even if you’re completely new to PHP, MySQL, and Web database
    development, this book will guide you through every step of building
    powerful, database-driven, dynamic Web sites. Direct from the world’s
    top scripting instructor, Ellie Quigley, PHP and MySQL by Example
    illuminates every concept with tested code examples, screen shots
    showing program output, and clear, line-by-line explanations.

    in Ellie Quigley’s Silicon Valley training courses and at Marko
    Gargenta’s Marakana training company in San Francisco, this book takes
    you from the simplest PHP scripting and SQL querying techniques all the
    way to dynamic, database driven Web site construction with PHP and
    MySQL. From simple fill-in forms to program security and debugging, it’s
    the only PHP/MySQL book you’ll ever need!
    This book covers
    Complete PHP fundamentals, including operators, strings, conditionals,
    loops, arrays, functions, and more
    * PHP QuickStart for more advanced
    readers—makes you productive with PHP in the space of just fifteen book
    * Essential Web development techniques, from file handling to
    validating user input with regular expressions
    * Powerful PHP
    features, including user-defined functions and self-processing PHP Forms
    Day-to-day MySQL administration
    * A complete SQL tutorial for
    creating queries, retrieving data, and writing data with MySQL
    Session management and cookies
    * Object Oriented PHP
    * Best
    practices for using PHP and MySQL together


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