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    WoltLab Burning Board 3.1.1 Full Package with 100s of plug-ins, mods and hacks



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    حصــري على شبــكتنا WoltLab Burning Board 3.1.1 Full Package with 100s of plug-ins, mods and hacks

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    Burning Board 3.1 Volcano released

    Burning Board 3.1 Volcano - the best Burning Board ever - has been released and can be purchased now. Customers with access to updates can download the update from their members area or directly through our update server. Volcano has more than 100 new features!

    New user profile

    The user profile has been completely redesigned to make your community more lively. Members can introduce themselves with their own "About me" text. The connection path shows how you know another member. The profile start page displays the most recent posts and activities of a user. The profile can be extended with additional functions.

    Guestbook and Gallery for free

    We are offering two free plugins for the profile: User guestbook and user gallery. The guestbook enables your members writing guestbook entries into other user profiles. Every user can manage their own guestbook by deleting unwanted entries or commenting single entries. The start page of the profile shows the last five guestbook entries.

    Using the gallery members of your forum can publish own photos and share them with others, tags and albums can be used to categorise photos. Through the Google Maps integration a map displays the location where a photo has been taken, as long as the photo provides these data. Photos can be commented by other users, a slideshow presents all photos interactive.

    Manage terms of use

    Another free plugin adds a handy tool in your admin area to manage your forum's terms of use. If you change the terms you can force your members to agree to the new terms before they can continue using your forum.

    Private Messages extended
    The private messages between members can be displayed in a threadlike conversation. You can keep the whole dialogue in check without having to open each individual message. The new coloured folders and the new message filters help to organise your messages.

    Improved Search
    The calculation of relevant search results has been improved. The user can edit a search request; additional search options are available.

    Numerous detail improvements within the forum

    The forum contains many detail improvements. The new image viewer for instance shows larger versions of attached images without opening a new page. You can browse through all attached images of that page or use the slideshow feature.

    Enable the new tagging system to tag threads or gallery photos. The quick reply offers an easy and fast way to answer threads without opening the full editor. The quote system has been extended: Quotes can be saved in a thread and used in other threads or even private messages. With a single click the paragraphs of a post are saved as individual quotes.

    Improved Administration

    The administration area has been polished in many ways: The restructured option menu and the new drag and drop features are only two examples. Many new managing tools have been added: Help topics, smiley and avatar categories as well as the forum's main menu can be managed through the admin interface. Owners of heavy traffic sites will enjoy the new flexible cache system: You can choose between file system, Memcache and eAccelerator.

    New Plugin: Community Blog

    Community Blog will be our second plugin next to Community Calendar that can be purchased. The plugin enables your members to write own blog entries within their profile. You can decide who can use the blog through the permission management. On an overview page the blogs of all users are combined. The entry price of the blog will be $29.99 and can be purchased through your members area.

    New Style: Blue Space

    The style WoltLab Blue Space offers a new display of your forum without changing any templates, showing the flexible power of our style system. The design is plain but still impressive through the header and all the small details. The style package contains the different colour versions blue, red, green and black. A business version in grey blue is also included. The package costs $39.99 and can be purchased through the members area as well.

    All prices contain 19% VAT. Please note that not all languages are translated completely, some still contain English terms. This will be fixed with the next free updates.





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