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    Golden Exchange Script Nulled



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    Golden Exchange Script Nulled

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

    Golden Exchange is a package for people who is going to make e-currency
    exchange site or add currency exchange as part to existing site. This
    script allows your users exchange e-currencies for a fee and send funds
    inside the system.
    - Supports e-gold,
    INTGold, e-Bullion, StormPay, eeeCurrency, AnonyGold and any other
    - Easy installation script. No PHP files editing any
    more! Upload and install with ease.
    - Flexible template system allows
    you to easily change the design.
    - Turing image for verification. It
    will stop brute force scripts from hacking the passwords providing
    higher security.
    - Automatic deposit to account or with exchange.
    Automatic withdrawal.
    - Mass payment.
    - Unlimited referral plans.
    Multilevel referral program, up to 10 levels.
    - Users can transfer
    funds to other users' accounts inside the system.
    Admin area
    - Define exchange fees for every exchange.
    - Block any
    e-currency exchange way.
    - Define the minimal exchange fee.
    Define unlimited user levels. Using levels you can limit users' deposit,
    exchange, internal transafer and withdrawal amounts amounts based on
    time preiods.
    - Define and edit reserves for each e-currency any
    time. System updates reserves automatically when one deposits or
    - Possibility to encrypt a settings.php file.
    - Change
    System Time feature.
    - Custom HTML pages. Administrator can add a
    custom HTML page into the system (for ex. "Ratings Systems" page).
    News section.
    - Advanced statistics.
    - Block users' accounts.
    Block or use a referral program.
    - Send penalties and bonuses to one
    user or to a user group.
    - Send customizable newsletters to your
    - Send a newsletter to one user or to a user group.
    Transactions history.
    - Withdraw or cancel a withdrawal request.
    Administrator can set withdrawal as processed without payment.
    Export withdrawal requests to CSV.
    - Define the usage of double
    opt-in registration.
    User area features:
    - Exchange e-currencies
    on the user's balances.
    - Exchange e-currencies via deposit.
    Transfer funds to other users' accounts inside the system.
    - Easy
    registration with user address fields if require.
    - Turing image for
    login and registration.
    - Deposit via e-Gold, INTGold, StormPay,
    e-Bullion and any other e-currencies.
    - Account data change
    - Instant withdrawal, if Administrator allows.
    Detailed Deposit, Withdrawal and Exchange Statistics.
    - Possibility
    to cancel any withdrawal request.
    - Contact form - send request to
    - Referral links section.
    - Referral statistics
    Automatic withdrawal:
    - Administrator specifies the
    amount range ($0.01 - $100 for example) for each e-currency. script will
    - the user's withdrawal requests for amount within this
    range instantly.
    - Administrator specifies max automatic withdrawal
    amount within 24 hours time for each e-currency. For $150 example the
    script will save the withdrawal requests (but will not process) if the
    sum of withdrawal for user is more than that value ($150).
    - script
    encrypts your e-gold password and then places it to MySQL.


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