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عــلوم ، دين ـ قرآن ، حج ، بحوث ، دراسات أقســام علمية و ترفيهية .

    New regulations for Angola diamond sector



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    New regulations for Angola diamond sector

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF في الأربعاء 16 يونيو - 13:09

    IRJ June 8 - Angola—which is the fifth largest diamond producer in the world—is in works to pass a new law which would regulate the way in which diamond companies distribute revenue from local projects, according to an official from the state-run diamond company Endiama. The new law proposes that diamond companies use 50 per cent of their revenues to pay for operation costs, and the other 50 per cent to pay taxes and help develop the local community.

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