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    The Spider: Judgment Knight #2



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    The Spider: Judgment Knight #2

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    Spider: Judgment Knight #2

    CBR | Sep 23, 2009 | 32 Pages |
    12.2 MB
    The Spider: Judgment Knight is a gorgeously done graphic
    novel from Moonstone, and now it's going to be a series. It is based on
    The Devil’s Paymaster from The Spider Magazine, May, 1941 with
    distinctive noirish black-and-white artwork. A mix of hardboiled prose
    and art, each page has three sections, prose top and bottom, about half
    the page, and an art panel in the middle, half the page. As you look at
    two facing pages, the art is one continuous panel stretching across
    both. They call it wide-vision, and it makes for a unique perspective
    onto a true pulp fiction character. "Judgment Knight" is the series tag,
    with each issue apparently titled. Issue #2 is titled, "Tomahawks From
    Hell". I'm still looking for Issue #1, though.

    body count is high as the most ruthless crime fighter of all time stars
    in his very own wide-vision graphic novel! Adaptation of the Spider
    classic “The Devil’s Paymaster”. A murderous ghost terrorizes New York
    City, dealing gruesome agonized death to any who stand in the way of his
    quest for power. The Spider finds himself wounded and caught in a
    desperate battle within America’s very symbol of freedom, the Statue of
    Liberty. At stake, the fate of millions and the life of the woman he
    loves. Story by Will Murray; Art by Giovanni Timpano, Cover by Gary
    Download MIRROR #1

    Download MIRROR #2
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