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    DOCman 1.5.7 UPDATE! Latest release of 04 May 2010



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    DOCman 1.5.7 UPDATE! Latest release of 04 May 2010

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

    DOCman 1.5.7 UPDATE! Latest release of 04 May 2010

    is a document and download manager for Joomla. DOCman makes offering
    downloadable documents on your Joomla site a breeze. Manage documents
    across multiple categories and subcategories, give users permission to
    upload, download or edit documents. Store documents either locally or
    remotely and prevent direct linking using our build-in anti-leech

    the DOCman 1.5.x series running pretty smoothly, we focused all efforts
    for the latest maintenance release on these area’s:

    Group email
    is back
    This feature was taken out due to some issues, and didn’t
    make it back in the previous releases. It turned out some of you really
    depended on it, so I’m happy to say the feature is back from the
    hospital and feeling all better!

    A diverse variety of systems
    run DOCman on on all possible combinations of server stacks, based on
    Windows & *nix, with Apache, nginx, IIS, etc, and, unfortunately,
    not all of them on good hosts. Some of the combinations produce the
    weirdest of bugs: downloading from an Apache install using IE7 and IE8
    for example. Fixing weird bugs sometimes result in other weird bugs:
    immediately after the release of 1.5.6, we discovered a regression.

    not to worry: it proves our workflow for forum support, bug tracking
    and fixing, and releasing, is in top condition. We managed to release
    1.5.7 within 24 hours of 1.5.6. A new record! (Also, it turns out that
    release numbers ending in ‘6’ have bad mojo.)

    FTP layer support
    you are using Joomla’s FTP layer, you’ll be happy to know our installer
    and upgrader now have better support for it. Still, if you don’t need
    the FTP layer, turn it off. It will improve your site’s performance.

    minor annoyances
    You all know them: little bugs in software that are
    almost too small to spot, affect only few people, but can kill your
    mood if you run into them and you’re on a deadline to deliver a site.
    With the more important bugs out of the way, we now had the time to fix
    those leftovers.


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