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    ViPER Guestbook Version 1.2 FINAL



    عدد المساهمات : 10329
    نقــــاط التمـــيز : 49891
    تاريخ التسجيل : 08/04/2009
    العمر : 26

    ViPER Guestbook Version 1.2 FINAL

    مُساهمة من طرف GODOF

    Viper Guest Book

    Changes in
    Version 1.2 FINAL

    Guestbook Version 1.2 FINAL

    or improved features:
    + Bugfix in index.php
    Fixed possible
    security holes concerning MySQL injections
    + Bugfix in URL validation
    and activation
    The following characters were not allowed: ?,-,] and %
    Bugfix in function vgb_short
    Zeros before the point were deleted
    Bugfix in index.php
    Decoding of private entries didn't worked in
    + Bugfix in skin commands
    Some inTAG parameters were not
    + Bugfix in index.php
    Skinfiles are no longer case
    + Bugfix in sendmail.php
    Notification mails were sent
    twice on some servers
    + Optimized BBCode routine
    + Removed ViPER
    Guestbook signature and link
    in Version 1.29
    Bugfix in parameter stripping
    In array parameters were no slashes
    stripped so that the
    internal and editor corrupted
    some HTML
    attributes when the files were saved.
    + Bugfix in link
    activation alogrithm
    Invalid links at the end of the text were
    deleted and quotes and
    other characters were accepted as part of the
    + Bugfix in entry limitation
    New entries caused the deletion
    of moderated entries if the
    moderated mode was active and the number
    of entries limited
    + Bugfix in BBCode routine
    HTML img element was
    printed when BBCode was allowed but the
    code for the image element
    in Version 1.28
    Bugfix in admin.php
    Many forms in the administration used the GET
    instead of
    the POST method
    + Bugfix in install.php
    Some varchar
    columns were initialized with the wrong size
    + Bugfix in index.php
    picture size calculation was not correct
    + Bugfix in admin.php
    size of certain fields was not adjusted on maximum
    length change
    Bugfix in all files
    scripts didn't worked if PHP short open tags
    were deactivated
    + Bugfix in admin.php
    New inputfields for numbers
    were not accepted without a
    preallocation value
    + Bugfix in all
    Magic quotes directives could lead to trouble
    + Bugfix in
    mail function
    Some hosts refused to accept mails if Return-Path
    wasn't set
    via -f parameter of sendmail
    + Support for the new
    MySQL 4.1 server functions and the new
    authentication protocol
    Added inputfield for the encoding
    + Full utf-8 support
    + Function
    to send email directly via SMTP
    + Constant that determines the number
    of IP bytes used to
    identify logged in users
    + Name sorting
    algorithm completely rewritten
    + Added ASCII checking where necessary
    Search parameters are automatically extended by wildcards now
    Direct login to new entries and comments if available
    + Added
    constant for hostname resolving
    + Deactivated &#DEC; HEX; and
    &entity; notation in inputs
    + Autofocusing of password fields in
    login forms
    + Increased the width of the textareas in the
    + Support for other PHP extension than .php
    in Version 1.27
    Bugifx in index.php
    Some servers want the file path relative to
    guestbook directory
    instead relative to the MAINscript
    + Bugfix in
    If the last characters of the entry text coincidated
    with the
    start of an Emoticon code an error message appeared
    Bugfix in entry/comment output
    Unicode character entities in
    &#DEC; and HEX; format were
    ignored and special characters not
    converted into entities
    + Bugifx in search function
    Country field
    was ignored if the entries were filtered by a
    country in a former
    + Bugfix in password notification
    Robots were able to
    follow the send password link in admin.php
    and screen.php
    + Bugfix
    in entry rejection
    Reason prompt appeared when it was not necessary
    Bugfix for Fantastico users
    Fantastico auto installer didn't save
    the password in uppercase
    + Added ENCODING constant for better
    language support
    + Added protection for the misuse of the formmailer
    by a script
    + Include of langcountry.php only if needed
    in Version 1.26
    Bugfix in index.php
    Rating inputfields in the form were initialized
    with wrong
    values if the singlepage mode was active
    + Bugfix in
    singlepage mode
    Error messages appeared in preview and after signing
    + Bugfix in visitor comments
    Output was not
    ordered by date and time
    + Bugfix in admin.php
    Invalid picture
    routine and counter was confused by files that
    were no images
    Bugfix in picture routine
    Deletion of pictures has lead to an error
    if non-image files
    were available in upload or upload/preview
    Bugfix in EntryIfCustomPos() command
    No value for a text field has
    lead to an error
    + Fixed possible security hole
    Password and
    secret parameter were visible as plain text in
    HTML referer field -
    using sessionIDs now
    + Corrected pagelink output of entries in
    + Added time output in the preview of unmoderated
    + Language and skin directory can now be set before
    the inclusion
    + Improved security of admin sessions
    + Added line
    numbering to internal and editor
    + Time and date
    of entries and comments are now editable
    + Added time and date output
    in the entry/comment preview of the
    entry management
    in Version 1.25
    Bugfix in user edit page
    Buttons were not displayed if no custom
    input field was defined
    + Bugfix in visitor comments
    Password and
    reserved names were ignored
    + Bugfix in visitor comment login
    didn't work if PHP header() function was disabled
    + Bugfix in
    Warning messages were displayed when an entry picture
    + Bugfix in functions.php
    Empty string was
    accepted as number in vgb_isNumber()
    + Bugfix in BBCode routine
    code was ignored if the font name included whitespaces
    + Bugfix in
    The online date wasn't accepted if the date of entries was
    in the database - automatic reset now.
    + Added thumbnail preview of
    picture in the administration
    in Version 1.24
    Bugfix in index.php and functions.php
    include path didn't work on
    some servers and ht_lock.php wasn't
    + Bugfix in admin.php
    in ht_lock.php are global now
    + Bugfix in EntryIfCustomPos() command
    value for a drop-down-box has lead to an error
    + Bugfix in OS and
    Browser statistics
    warning message was generated on some servers due
    uninitialized $browsers and $systems arrays
    + Added another
    inclusion warning
    in Version 1.23
    Bugfix in and concept
    The inclusion of these
    files in noFrames.php lead to warnings
    or strange guestbook outputs
    if the PHP SAFE MODE was activated
    and/or the includes were limited
    by the INCLUDE_PATH directive.
    Both files are included directly into
    index.php now.
    + Bugifx in Revision 1.23 Skins
    All invalid
    includes were removed
    + Added new Skin command insertSkinCSS()
    Added new fields STYLEINC and LANGINC to skininfo array
    in Version 1.22
    Bugfix in index.php
    Guestbook inclusion didn't work if the PHP
    no . path defined
    + Bugfix in ICQ-checking
    Numbers with less than 10 digits weren't accepted
    + Bugfix
    in admin.php
    Empty Email was saved as empty string instead of null
    Bugfix in screen.php
    IP/hostname wasn't hideable in the visitor
    + Bugfix in user management
    Add button was not visible if
    no custom fields were defined
    + Bugfix in admin.php
    Entries were
    not ordered by date and time
    + Bugfix in screen.php
    Link to
    example image was wrong
    + Bugifx in login screen
    Requirements were
    not displayed if no Email was given
    + Bugfix in index.php
    If-commands had no predefined FALSE string
    + Bugfix in browser
    detection routine
    Warning was printed if 'Use browscap.ini' was
    activated and
    the browscap directive wasn't set in php.ini
    Bugfix in Revision 1.21 Skins
    include of and
    didn't work on some servers
    + Added wrong inclusion warning in
    in Version 1.21
    Bugfix in index.php
    Function call has lead to a time out when the
    PHP Safemode was
    + Bugfix in the parameter pass-through
    parameters enclosed by [] were not recognized
    + Bugfix in the
    picture text
    Title attribute was missing so that the picture text
    displayed in some browsers
    + Bugfix in the administration
    and Opera didn't like & within a javascript-URL
    + Bugfix in
    The title of the search page was wrong
    + Bugfix in
    entry filter
    Search by name has lead to error if statistics are shown
    Bugfix in EntryIfEmail()
    A { at position 0 of the TRUE string was
    + Bugfix in admin.php
    Emoticons in new visitor comment
    weren't clickable
    + Fixed possible security hole in the internal
    session management
    + Bugfix in the preview
    The email address was
    + Bugfix in the preview
    Value of the 'hide
    Email'-checkbox was set to 1 every time
    after a 'send preview'
    Bugifx in the administration
    Replacement info for ::text:: was
    + Bugfix in the browser detection
    HTTP_USER_AGENT wasn't
    found on some servers
    + Removed XHTML doctype in the emoticons IFrame
    to avoid
    vertical scrollbars in the Internet Explorer
    + Removed
    NOCscript tag from the email address output since
    that could lead to
    invalid XHTML code
    + Replaced single page mode skin command
    insertContent() by
    + Added new skin command
    insertSkinInputmask() for the single
    page mode
    + Email address
    notation for tooltip text is now configurable
    + New replacement in
    EntryIfEmail(): §3 by spam bot secure email
    address for tooltip text
    Added empty lines limiter
    + IP/hostname banlist
    + Inputfields for
    ratings and custom fields in the search form
    + Search robots can be
    banned from the guestbook and are not
    counted as visitors any more
    Added thumbnail mode for pictures
    + Most of the internal functions
    have now a prefix to avoid name
    conflicts while the inclusion
    Notification only about every first new entry since the last
    login is
    possible now
    + From address in the Email header is customizable
    Support for HTML notification mails
    + Added notification mails for
    user comments
    + Mass deletion via checkboxes in the administration
    User management and name reservation
    + and are
    editable in the administration
    + Strict ICQ number checking
    in Version 1.2
    Functions got outsourced to functions.php
    + Added screens.php to
    manage the additional pop-up screens
    + Text output flow completely
    + Added formmailer for Email contact
    + Email address can
    now be hidden and the address output is
    Spam-Bot secure
    + Private
    + Preallocation for Country and custom inputfields possible
    + Moderated mode
    + Added search function
    + Configurable
    + Picture text input
    + Spam protection can now be
    + Picture filename editable
    + Emoticons in admin
    comments possible
    + Badword filter rewritten and can be used on all
    text inputs now
    + Visitor comments
    + Optional IFrame for the
    Emoticons in the form
    + Emoticons are now displayed beside a textarea
    in the
    + Added Servertime adjustment
    Administration redesigned
    + Guestbook can be deactivated
    Notification Emails fully customizable
    + Email broadcast function
    Link to main index can be displayed
    + New date format
    + Online date editable
    + Added Navigation links
    for the administration
    + Linebreak with whitespace or
    Reset of visitor counter possible
    + Added Skin information file
    Single page mode Skins support
    + Bugfix in index.php
    MySQL-Servers don't like varchar(255) columns, that's why
    index.php was not loading in some cases
    + new Skin commands:
    = prints a string depending on weather the script
    is included or not
    = prints the link to the search function if
    = prints the link to main index if entered
    StatsVisitor() = prints
    the number of visitors
    StatsUsersBrowsing() = prints the number of
    users that are
    currently browsing the guestbook
    EntryIfPrivate() =
    prints the link to the login screen for a
    private entry
    = prints the link to the visitor comments
    FormIfPrivate() = prints
    the inputfield for the private
    password if activated
    = prints the inputfield for the picture
    text if activated
    = prints the link to the BBCode informations if
    = prints the checkbox for 'Hide Email' if
    + changed the
    following skin commands (details in tutorial V1.2):

    in Version 1.15
    Bugifx in parameter resolving routine
    Cookies variables were deleted
    from REQUEST variables, that
    caused trouble in some cases
    Bugifx in admin.php
    Some status messages weren't displayed
    Bugfix in redirection
    Waiting time was set to high in some
    distributed versions
    + Administration uses internal session
    management now instead of
    PHP session functions.
    in Version 1.14
    Bugfix in Badwordfilter
    Didn't find ht_badwords.php if the guestbook
    was included
    + Bugfix in admin.php
    Session variables weren't
    accessible in $HTTP_SESSION_VARS on
    some servers
    + Bugifx in
    Global variables weren't available in functions when the
    was included in a template
    + Additional parameters are now allways
    passed through as GET
    Parameters and will be urlencoded
    in Version 1.13
    Bugfix in entry deletion
    Uploaded pictures weren't deleted with the
    + Bugfix in wordwrap routine
    In Version 1.12 I`ve used  
    to break a word, that was a
    mistake, using whitespace again
    Bugfix in guestbook URL input
    First letter of the URL got lost
    Bugifx in IP determination
    Added more server variables, since IP
    wasn't found on some
    + Bugifx in parameter determination
    parameters weren't found on some servers
    in Version 1.12
    Bugfix in administration:
    show table status lead to an error, when
    _-_ was part of the
    database name. This must be MySQL-Server bug. The
    script won't
    show the size of your database now, if you use such a
    + Bugifx in the custom entry statistics
    The routine only
    showed statistics for a single selection
    + Bugfix in the emoticons
    There was no linebreak added in a row of emoticons
    Bugifx in the skin-command LinkShow():
    Parameters were not correctly
    parsed for further commands.
    + Bugifx in the picture upload:
    servers have set the wrong permission on the uploaded
    pictures, now
    the script uses chmod to set the them correctly.
    + Bugifx in admin
    entry output:
    The text within the ouput of an entry wasn't
    + improved picture upload:
    User doesn't have to
    select the picture in the preview again.
    + script produces XHTML 1.0/
    CSS 1.0 conform code:
    depends on used Skin
    + script supports
    integration with PHP-include()
    + removed strict Email validation for
    the admin Email
    allows notifications to multiple addresses
    Reload protection in the administration
    + additional URL parameters
    are now passed through
    + different languages and Skins with the same
    script possible:
    language and Skin can be choosen by URL parameters
    Emoticons are now displayed in the form if javascript is disabled
    in Version 1.11
    Bugfix in the check for duplicates:
    Missing AddSlashes() in query
    caused an error when the text
    included quotes
    + Bugfix in
    If the prefix was different from VGB index.php produced an
    Bugfix in the statistics:
    Number of days calculated wrong on second
    day after the
    + changed output of the
    EntryTime()-command to 00:00:00 if there
    is no time available for an
    + added 'Force input' for Email
    + added instructions to
    create 'ht_lock.php' if the creation
    after the installation fails
    in Version 1.1
    user now gets notified by Email when his entry gets commented
    improved Email- and URL-validation
    + check for duplicates
    Windows 2003 (WinNET) is now recognized in the internal
    admin can prevent IP- and Hostname-output
    + user can choose an own
    + use of browscap.ini is optional
    + database-size and
    guestbook-size are shown in the Setup
    + IP, Hostname and
    picture-filename will be displayed for every
    in 'Manage Entries'
    + statistics-page is now optional and the
    ouptut of single
    statistics can be limited
    + user can upload
    pictures now
    + output from '1 per day' instead of 'All 1 days' for
    'New Entry'-statistic
    + 'Edit'-button in 'Manage entries'
    renamed to 'Edit / Comment'
    + custom inputfields and ratings can now
    have a different name
    in the form
    + Badword-filter
    + every mail
    send by the script can now have a link to the
    + new
    EntryTime() = prints the time of an entry with or
    EntryDay() = prints the day of the entry
    = prints the IP of an entry if allowed
    EntryIfHostname() = prints
    the hostname of an entry if
    EntryIfPicture() = prints the
    uploaded picture if available
    and allowed
    FormIfPicture() = prints
    the inputfield for a picture upload
    if allowed
    StatsVisitorAt() =
    prints the number of visitors
    (x per day/ all x days)
    + changed
    the following Skin-commands:
    EntryIP() shouldn't be used any more
    will now replace §3 by the index of the
    selected option, if the type
    of the
    custom-inputfield is a selection
    FormIfPreview() added a
    new parameter WARN which will be
    printed if a upload-picture was
    before the preview.
    + Bugfix in the preview
    text-date of EntryDate() didn't appear in the preview
    when the number
    of the month was only one digit
    in Version 1.01
    Bugfix in the Installation-script:
    Changed column-name from FORCE to
    FRCE, because FORCE is a
    reserved word since version 4 of MySQL
    Bugfix in the script-navigation:
    script doesn't use empty parameters
    any more, some servers
    refuse to pass empty parameters to a script




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