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    Wii] Tales of Graces [テイルズ オブ グレイセス] (JPN) ISO Download



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    Wii] Tales of Graces [テイルズ オブ グレイセス] (JPN) ISO Download

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    Title : [Wii] Tales of Graces [テイルズ オブ グレイセス] (JPN) ISO Download

    Game Information
    Japanese Title : テイルズ オブ グレイセス
    Chinese Title : 圣恩传说
    Publisher :
    Bandai Namco Games
    Developer :
    Bandai Namco Games
    Genre :
    ARPG Game
    Version : Japan CERO B (12+)
    Available On : Nintendo Wii
    Size : 4.32GB
    Format : ISO
    Players : 1
    Supplier :
    Catalog No : RVL-P-STGJ
    Realease Date : 2009-12-10
    Official Website :
    Info : ---

    Preview / Gameplay :

    Description / About This Game :
    of Graces sets stage in a chaotic era where three major warring
    kingdoms seek to usurp each other. As a young swordsman, you are not
    only to protect your own believes, but your love ones as well. The
    touching tale is told through the eyes of enchanting characters and
    colorful animations.

    The linear motion system is upgraded into a
    style shift system. You can switch between fighting styles smoothly,
    string up combos and avoid enemy attacks during the battle modes.

    famous seiyuus, such as Sakurai Takahiro and Hanazawa Kana are coming
    together to bring you one of the most memorable adventures in your
    (gaming) life.

    Download :
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    RS (Rapidshare) Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part01.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part02.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part03.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part04.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part05.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part06.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part07.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part08.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part09.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part10.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part11.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part12.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part13.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part14.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part15.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part16.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part17.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part18.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part19.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part20.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part21.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part22.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part23.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part24.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part25.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part26.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part27.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part28.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part29.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part30.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part31.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part32.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part33.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part34.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part35.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part36.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part37.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part38.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part39.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part40.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part41.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part42.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part43.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part44.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part45.rar Tales_of_Graces_JAP_WII-TMD.part46.rar
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